Konti ya Instagram ya Selena Gomez yarinjiriwe.

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Mu minsi ishize konti ya Instagram y'umuririmbyikazi n'umukinnyi w'amafilme Selena Gomez yarinjiriwe hanyuzwaho amafoto y'uwahoze ari umukunzi we Justin Bieber yambaye ubusa nk'uko tubikesha ikinyamakuru Variety cyandika kuri internet.

Dore Ifoto yashyizwe hanze

Ntibyahagarariye kuri konti ya Selena Gomez gusa nk'uko tubikesha urubuga Tech Viral ubuyobozi bwa Instagram bwitangarije ko aba Hackers binjiriye andi ma konti y'abantu bakomeye ya Instagram.

Instagram ntiyatangaje umubare w'abinjiriwe gusa yavuze ko yahise imenyesha abinjiriwe ko binjiriwe.


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